MSC Mission

We keep pushing frontiers of R&D-grade and industrial mass spectrometers
Our focus is on Multi-reflecting Time-of-flight technology
We help customers to develop and produce leading edge mass spectrometry products
We invent, prove concepts, build prototypes, test and optimize, and transfer results

Consult Instrument Manufacturers

Since 2001 among our partners are:

  • 2001 – MassLab (UK) and Thermo (US)
  • 2002 – 2015 – Leco Corporation (US)
  • Since 2017 – Micromass UK Ltd (Waters Corporation)
  • Since 2024 – Acqiris SA (Switzerland), El-Mul Technologies Ltd.

Develop TOF-related Components

  • Ion sources, transfer interfaces, CID cells and RF ion guides
  • TOF and MR-TOF analyzers in a wide range of parameters
  • Detectors and data acquisition system
  • Full set of electronics and fast control circuits
  • Software for instrument control and data acquisition
  • Software for data processing and custom applications
  • Develop and couple ion separation methods – DMS and IMS

Test Applications

For instrument validation and optimization, explore different applications including:

  • Target trace analysis in complex mixtures
  • Petroleomics (with GCxGC)
  • Top-down proteome (LC, small path MRTOF)
  • DIA LC/MS/MS for bottom-up proteome
  • LC/MS1 for quantitation in bottom-up proteome