MSC Software team is developing in-house designed software for instrument control, data acquisition, processing and interpretation of MS data:

  1. TOF Control - software for control of MS power electronics, providing flexible adjustment and configuration of the set of units being controlled.

Convenient setting and reading of voltages and clock parameters

  • Logging of control settings into spectra and mass-chromatogram files

  • Automatic tuning of the instrument with looping data acquisition and electronics control

  • Display of correlation between setting parameters and spectra parameters

  • Script language for convenient setting of auto tune scenarios

  1. TOF Acquisor - Data acquisition software for real-time monitoring, compression and primary data processing

  • Controlling parameters of data acquisition board (primarily Acqiris AP-100/200)

  • Transferring and storing of compressed data on disk (up to 100 spectra/sec)

  • Real-time monitoring of acquired spectra, ion current, mass shift; mass calibration and peak labeling

  • Automatic determination of average signal per ion

  1. ChromaDesktop software - processing of MS, LC/MS and GC/MS data

  • Multiple operations with recorded spectra - mass calibration, peak-picking, smoothing, resampling by LC time, etc.

  • Calculation of wide range of analytical characteristics of the instrument: resolving power, parameters of peak shape, analysis of calibration non-linearity, analysis of mass shifts, etc.

  • Two-dimensional bitmap representation of LC/MS data (in m/z-retention time axes)

  • IPEX charge-state deconvolution and deisotoping

  • MassPRO - simulation of isotope distribution of molecula

  • Automatic determination of LC/GC peaks based on detection of peak clusters

  • Automatic correction of mass calibration

  • Mass-defect analysis - detecting isobars and series of chemical fragments

  • Mass-defect-based filtering of data

  • Analysis of single mass traces, correlations between traces, comparison of different mass-chromatograms

  1. Other software tools and applications

  • Determination of elemental composition based on accurate mass and isotope distribution

  • Special algorithms for compound identification based on accurate mass electron ionisation spectra

  • Target analysis and trace compound identification tools based on User Library of accurate mass electron ionisation spectra

  • Determination of peptide sequence based on MS-MS spectra

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