Standard in-house built electronics is used for all mass spectrometers
In house development, make, testing and routine use of the following circuits:

  • Multi-channel control for SW control of all circuits

  • Multi-channel low voltage power supplies

  • Stabilized and filtered high voltage power supplies

  • Floatable RF generators from 1 to 10MHz, switching off within 2 cycles

  • Floatable square wave generators to 1mHz

  • Multi-channel clock with 10ns resolution and up 100ms programmable for multiple pulses per channel per cycle and with 0.3ns jitter

  • Pulsed generators with 20ns rise time and with 0.3ns jitter

  • Fast (1GHz) preamplifiers with gain =10

  • Medium range (10MHz) preamplifiers with gain =1000

  • Floatable (to 5kV) current meters with 0.1pA resolution

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