MS Consulting is a group of scientists and engineers skilled in the field of mass spectrometry, including complex research on modern demands, invention and modeling and experimental testing of novel instruments (including mechanical design), development of new electronics, software and methods of application.

2000-2002 'Alpha' in Saint-Petersburg - collaborating with Thermo Finnigan
2003-2006 'MSC' in Saint-Petersburg - collaborating with LECO Inc
2007-now 'MSC Ltd' in Bar, Montenegro - collaborating with LECO Inc

Development of novel mass spectrometers and components upon customer's request:
MR-TOF – Multi-reflecting time-of-flight mass spectrometers (MS)
Pulsed converters (traps and OA)
TOF-TOF for comprehensive parallel MS-MS
o-TOF – Time-of-flight MS with orthogonal injection
Gaseous ion Sources
Ion transfer interfaces and Ion Guides
Ion Optical Simulations

Complete solution
From ideas through patenting, Market estimation and generating specifications, Simulation and theoretical concept (papers-th), - particular strength of MSC-CG

Research prove of concept (papers-exp), Engineering and make of prototypes, Testing, optimizing, reaching specifications, Generating engineering documentation and implementing on customer site, Generating full range of Software for research and development prototypes and providing prove of concept software for commercialized instruments Self managing and detailed reporting

Comprises a well balanced group of highly skilled researchers and engineers, including Physicists Ion Optics specialists Mechanical engineers Machinists and assemblers
Electrical engineers Software Engineers Chemists Managers Total staff – 35 specialists

On average from 5 to 7 ongoing projects (various instruments and sources)
Average project duration varies from 1.5 to 3 years.

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